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Other Business Support

If you are facing a crossroad in your company, e.g., making decisions about new technology, resourcing, project management, integrating new business partners or acquisitions, or even optimizing existing operations, Mentara will work with you to provide focus through an objective review of your options. Mentara has saved our clients substantial time, energy, and cost of study repeats by conducting proper due diligence, market intelligence, and risk assessment.

Technical writers and editors

Mentara has a group of excellent medical writers and technical writers for your non-clinical, clinical, and regulatory programs. We can also provide your company with editors to assist with reviewing drafts of CTDs, business plans, or marketing materials that will complement your in-house staff.

Translation Services

Do you have hundreds of pages of Japanese or Russian Clinical Study Reports and no one on staff to translate? Mentara’s translation service provides a wide range of Language Management services in over 50 languages. The most commonly requested languages to translate into English are:


• Arabic • Estonian • Italian • Polish • Spanish
• Chinese • Finnish • Japanese • Portuguese • Swedish
• Croatian • French • Korean • Romanian • Turkish
• Czech • German • Latvian • Russian • Vietnamese
• Danish • Greek • Lithuanian • Slovak
• Dutch • Hungarian • Maltese • Slovene